New manufacture movements

Although the global watch industry has meanwhile made a full recovery from the effects of the so-called quartz watch crisis of the seventies, if you look closely you will notice that it still persists in the one form or another to this day. Watch aficionados will search long for the erstwhile variety of movement calibres in various sizes that existed outside the collections of large and well-known manufactures.

It is the genre of movements with dimensions that exceed those of the classic pocket watch but do not reach the sphere of a typical large movement to which the protagonists at Habring Uhrentechnik OG have taken a shine. Small table clocks and dashboard clocks in countless vehicles have for many years been the domain of lifeless quartz technology of mainly Asian provenance. Maria & Richard Habring want to change these circumstances by introducing new and unusual movement calibres:

A dashboard movement and a baguette movement from the watchmakers in Völkermarkt will get things moving. Despite their very different designs both movements share the extended power reserve of more than 200 hours (8 days). Whilst the round calibre 212C with its rear-mounted winding mechanism is a classic remake of a design from the 1920s, the baguette movement calibre 104B with its 19 mm screw balance wheel holds high visual appeal and represents a completely new development. The 212C is suitable not only for installation in dashboards but also in particular for small table or desktop clocks and leaves plenty of creative scope for the design of the dial.

All of the components in both movements are produced in collaboration with specialists in Switzerland and are assembled either in Switzerland or Austria depending on the preferred provenance. Other manufacturer requirements, for instance a wide range of factory decoration options, are also available. Additional functions such as a power reserve display or a technological upgrade in the form of a Breguet hairspring are easily arranged.

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